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Review: Lust (Shadow-Keepers #2) by Jas T. Ward



Welcome back to the world of the Grid. Where heroes and eaters of souls walk among us. Where a war rages and the price is mankind—its existence or its loss. 
Can a heart that is walled away be allowed to love or trust and find its beat in one that needs someone to save it? A heartbeat that destiny denied but death can give? 

McKenzie Miller had never needed anyone. Not since she lost both her parents to a crime of passion at a young age. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, Kenzie finally took control of her own life and lived on the streets. Now she’s an adult and has a hard-wired survivalist core to never be used or abused again. She’s strong and no one will ever hurt her—because she will never let someone inside the one part of her that can still feel—her heart. 

Lana had everything that her parent’s money could buy and until they lost it all in the economy crash, the young ballet dancer had a bright future with the San Francisco Ballet Company. Now she struggles to reach for her dream and still survive. And do so, alone. Until one night… 

What Dark Power Makes YOUR Heart Beat? 

Have no fear Twiz Keeper fans, there is also plenty of your favorite Candyman, Reno Sundown and his witch, Emma. As well as BOUNCE and of course, Lucifer. And twists? Oh there is ALWAYS twists with a Ward book. 

 My opinion:

                    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Reno Sundown was the Shadow-Keeper of Madness. The young Relay Bella he had saved, told him about a woman who was slaughtered and came back to life, so he went to the Grid to investigate. McKenzie Miller had been working at Sal’s Auto Salon as a mechanic and just like Reno she had an inner voice as well. Kenzie was the Keeper of Lust something she didn’t know but unfortunately, Epsilon suspected it. His plan with her didn’t work so he tossed her out and the Munis found her. Reno tried to explain to her what she was and offered to help her with the change. At first, she was reluctant but when he shared his hate for Epsilon she agreed. After six months Kenzie was ready to go out and fight alone, that was also the night that she met the woman who made her heart beat again. Lana managed to break her walls and made her feel alive for the first time in her life. Everything was going smoothly until Reno’s marriage, then all hell broke loose. Lana got hurt which shook Kenzie a lot to the point of making a huge mistake. But with Emma’s help, she fixed it and she was once again happy with her little dancer. 

This is the second book of The Shadow-Keepers. It’s about Kenzie the Keeper of Lust and her heartbeat Lana. The story begins with a small introduction of who Reno was and slowly we learn about Kenzie. I think this book is more intense and emotional than the previous one and contains more detailed erotic scenes. It’s more focused on the romance than the action and it has some surprises that will blow your mind. I really liked this book even though I was a bit confused with the epilogue. I will rate it with 4.5 stars. 

My favorite lines:

1)Ah shit, big guy got something against dead folks. That’s not nice. Dead folks got rights, well, not really, but still. Please say we’re going to stand up for dead folks that can’t stand up for themselves. Because well, they’re dead…

2)Tell him we’re a very bad-ass hamster. Hold out a finger and we’ll gnaw the shit out of it.

3)Ah hell, I wouldn’t even take on that woman. Run and run fast. But uh, make sure we take the noodles. I can hear our stomach growling from up here.
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